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  • Will Poland miss Bitcoin and blockchain?

    V Digital Money & Currency Forum

    25 April 2018, Institute of Mathematical Machines

    In 2016, after earlier pioneering editions of Digital Money & Blockchain Forum, topics related to digital currencies lead by bitcoin and blockchain technology gained new momentum in Poland. This development came from the Ministry of Digital Affairs which had realized the importance of these innovative solutions for the activities carried out in Poland to accelerate the digitization, mostly of the modern e-government. Within the program “From paper to digital Poland” the stream called “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies” was launched in Summer 2016, conducting works in 5 topical groups. Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technology was launched, at the end of 2017 the meeting of Public Finance Committee at the Polish Sejm was held, which was devoted to the topic of digital currencies. To make it short, after a period of certain stagnation, years 2016-2017 saw clearly noticeable animation and accelerations in our areas of interest. Unfortunately the beginning of 2018 brought further threats for this area and for research and market activities based on blockchain technology, especially in the area of their payment and financial applications. Mainly out of fear of another scandal like the Amber Gold scam, central official institutions launched coordinated actions directed against the digital currencies market, which had not been preceded by an in-depth analysis of this phenomenon – technology and market processes. Acting this way, Polish authorities may too hastily create accomplished facts which exclude Poland from the group of innovative countries. They also contradict themselves when at other occasions they declare heading in the direction of modernity, entrepreneurship, innovations, openness, acceptance of risk and nurturing new breakthrough businesses.

    There can be no doubt then that the already fifth Digital Money & Blockchain Forum – a conference with scientific character – planned for 25th April 2018 can and should become a significant platform for exchanging opinions about many things happening around us, both positive ones and the ones that evoke understandable uneasiness, which usually accompany new phenomena in some extent. Of course the international context will be important as always, because the issues related to blockchain technology flourish in the whole world.

    Due to the present situation, the leading topic of this year’s Forum will be defined by the question Will Poland miss bitcoin and blockchain? and extended by topics that can be summarized with catchwords Technology, Business, Payment, Commerce, Security, Law and Compliance.

    The fifth edition of Digital Money & Blockchain Forum will take place on 25th April 2018 in the conference room of the Institute of Mathematical Machines in Warsaw. Similarly to the previous editions it will be devoted to the following key issues:

    • technology and security, including energy consumption in digital currencies mining and financial and non-financial potential of using blockchain technologyechnology and security
    • business practice and social aspects of digital currencies market
    • legal aspects – regulations and taxes, domestic and international – on the digital currencies market and blockchain technology
    • decentralized world.

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