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  • IV Digital Money & Currency Forum

    1st June 2017, Institute of Mathematical Machines

    After the last year’s 3rd Digital Money & Currency Forum the subject of cryptocurrencies, most prominently of bitcoin, and of blockchain technology has gained new momentum in Poland.

    It was due to Anna Streżyńska, Minister of Digital Affairs, who saw the importance of these innovative solutions for the actions undertaken in Poland to accelerate the country’s digitization, first of all in the area of modern

    In summer 2016 the stream „Blockchain and cryptocurrencies” conducting works in 5 topical groups was launched within the government program “From Paper to Digital Poland”.
    The last year has also brought the decision of the National Centre for Research and Development to grant funds for the establishing of Polish Accelerator of Blockchain Technology.

    In a few words, after a period of certain stagnation, clearly visible growth and acceleration of the matters interesting for us can be observed.
    There can be no doubt that the already fourth Digital Money & Currency Forum planned for 1st June 2017 can and should become a considerable platform for exchanging views on many things happening around us, both positive ones, like the ones mentioned above and the less glorious ones, like the closing of Bitcurex exchange.

    Of course, as always, the international context will be of vital importance, because this area and most of all the blockchain technology are in their bloom.
    Technology, Business, Payment, Commerce, Security, Law and Compliance are the catchphrases that name the issues that continue as leading topics of the conference.
    The fourth edition of Digital Money and Currency Forum will take place on 1st June in the Conference room of the Institute of Mathematical Machines in Warsaw. As in the previous year, it will be devoted to the following key issues:

    •  technology and security
    • business practice
    • legal aspects.

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